Friday, 5 June 2009

Sunday 27th April 2008

To hell with the hormones. Sleeping hasn't worked, so I thought I would relate a happy memory. And yes, it contains smut. It is the story of when I finally met up with a man from Texas, after a stint of emails and texts. I documented it at the time, and this is what I wrote:
Part One
How did we ever get here? One minute I was withdrawing because I feared he liked me much more than I him, and now I sit here worrying that I like him too much. Oh dear, how are we going to deal with this one?
David's emails have always had me enthralled, as he writes so beautifully. When we met at CCK, I liked him very much, had great conversation and a good time. But the banter we exchanged left me wondering if the person I saw in the emails could ever really come to the surface. At CCK, I teased him mercilessly and made him fidget in his chair like a little boy. Towards the end, I sat on his lap and he pulled my hair and nipped my ear. I wanted to get out. There was no way I was kissing him. Stupid girl. I now know that kissing David makes you melt.
Over the past week, we have exchanged several emails, talked online, but mostly texted. During this period, I have slowly come to see this other "facet" to David's personality. And piece by piece, I have begun to long to explore further.
On Thursday night,. around midnight, I knew for sure that I would be sleeping in his bed by Saturday. He told me that I was allowed to bring one toy into his flat, I responded by saying: "One toy, one garment." I was so taken aback when he calmly told me that I needed to learn that there was no room for negotiation, and that I had half an hour to write a page detailing why women who speak out of turn should have their faces fucked. I was immediately at the damn laptop, tapping the keys. He was pleased, and in the morning, emailed me to inform me of what was to be expected, should I go home with him. He told me about the hanger by the front door, which was for my clothes, only lingerie and uniforms are permitted on the upper levels. I would dress and undress at the foot of the stairs. He told me that he was not their for my entertainment, and that I was there to please him.
More to follow...

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