Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Newsflash: Twit.

I am at Alistair's. He is at work. I had to come because I have mammoth deadlines, and the flat downstairs is being refurbished. I couldn't concentrate with the noise.
The ex came into the office. Oh lord, why do we get along so well? I can honestly say that while I find some of her behaviours unethical to say the least, I genuinely interact with her swimmingly well. I do hope she feels the same, and that this is not part of an intricate game of chess.
We chatted about the scene, about the entourage lined up for Saturday, and about how she doesn't enjoy playing and sex anymore. She feels she would, if only she could find someone to top her, this would give her a break from the boredom of topping others, realise some apparent secret fantasies that she dare not share, and eventually make the thought of dominating people fresh and new again. She really wants a girlfriend to play with. (Maybe she is gay, and this is why it is all not working...?)
Typically, I gave her advice on what her sexual issues and issues with play could be, and how they could be helped. And as we all know, if they are solved, she and Alistair can ride off into the sunset. If we want to keep in theme, maybe she could ride him off into the sunset. That's right, Maisie, help the competition. If Darwin had his way, you would have died out by now.
Interestingly enough, she hinted that what Alistair had always referred to as good kinky sex was hardly kinky at all in her eyes. It seems her mind was never in it. Should this make me feel good? Does it give me reason to feel good? If I did feel good, would Buddha send the karma police to make my life even more turbulent than it already is? Still, I'm not sure I'd notice...


  1. i love the cartoon, very cute :)

  2. Thank you. It is Filler Bunny by Jhonen Vasquez.


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