Monday, 8 June 2009

Epic fucked-up mess, or, Where have all the adults gone?

This will be brief. Alistair took me away to a well known fetish/BDSM cottage in the countryside. We came back on Sunday. I now know it was as much about getting him away from having to see the ex with Ben mas it was about taking me away. We arrived back on Sunday, and the ex had her entourage round for dinner. There were lots of people. Lots.
And then the epic fuck-up occurred. Alistair walked up to Ben and told him he can have her. This unleashed a whole world of pain and trauma. It was a long and bad night. It is 2pm in the afternoon, and I am tucked up in bed as I write, the thought of climbing out is a bit too much at present. I am going to snooze, and when I wake up, I hope to relate the entire disaster. Eventually, it would be nice to give you some of the smut of Saturday night in the dungeon, but that 'aint gonna happen right now.

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