Sunday, 30 August 2009

Two examples of my drawing is all you're getting.

Anyway, a lot of the detail and impact is lost because these are crappy photographs in poor lighting. And I was stupid enough to wait until after the second was framed... So I had to do it through glass. Ignore the splodges where I have blotted out my name.


  1. Jeez, woman! Why have you only started persueing your dream now? You are clearly talented. The first one makes me think of all the naughty things I want to do to Edward Cullen if I had the chance ... ;)

  2. woah...those are pretty wicked! Do you sell your art?

  3. i love the first one!! that eye is mesmorizing, i can't decide if i think it's vacant or evil, maybe both.

  4. These are great. I see no problem with a career at all.

  5. Wow you've got a touch of excellence.

    A friend of mine wants to be a professional illustrator but I look at yours and hes no where near the quality...

    I feel bad for him because he does not have a creative mind, hes more opt for logic, mathematics, and the sciences then creative endeavors. But its what he wants to do who can stop him!

  6. @ladytruth: Thank you so much. Actually, and I swear that this is in no way fishing, but it helps to hear stuff like that. I have only just started pursuing because I have no confidence that I am good enough.

    @CapedTirader: Thank you. I am going to be. I am hopefully getting a website up and running soon.

    @Lana: Thanks. I was trying to go for a kinda glassy/vacant look.

    @Tennyson: Thank you, sir. I am hopeful, but scared!

    @DT: Thank you, my darling. If your friend is so logical, perhaps he should pursue something involving technical drawing?

  7. These are great!

    Is the first one a self-portrait?

  8. @mysterg: Vacant expression... poor table-manners... maybe.

  9. Lovely! You talented lady! You need to get drawing again pronto miss. And maybe post some more?

    I too grew up doing pencil sketches and drawings and only recently started painting so I'm in the same boat sort of. Getting back into something after a break. Yay for artistry! :)


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