Friday, 7 August 2009

All tied up.

Look, I have been really busy, ok?

I have so much to write, so little time. So this is one of those watch this space useless posts...

There has been perving, flying, pretty boys, screaming children. reassuringly not all together.

I shall tell you all about it this evening.

And yes, the picture is me looking busy. Yes the clothes are questionable. Yes, I was wasted, and yes, I had either just done something appalling, or was about to.


  1. Looking rather sinful! So not a completely useless post ;)

  2. you have very short legs :)

  3. Yes they were cut off as part of an over enthusiatic sex-game.

  4. Looks hot! - but the red and black together makes me think that you are an Essendon (a footy team down here) fan.

  5. The red surely brings out your eyes Maisie. :)

  6. @Valerie: Always, my dear.

    @mysterg: Bless you. I thought I little picture might help add to the interest.

    @LERMONTOV: I despise "footy" with a burning passion. Perish the thought.

    @The Dark Tower: You always know the right things to say. xx

  7. that is pretty friggin naughty haha! whew!

    btw, your blog is nearly impossible to comment on via my blackberry! :(

  8. @Mr. Condescending: Especially as I just noticed the bag of erupting sex-toys in the background, and the towel I am kneeling on...
    And at least you have a form of communication, I have lost my phone. :( :( :(

  9. Hahha, WOW is all I have to say.


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