Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Little Call at Night.

Alistair called tonight. He is away on business, but back tomorrow. He had gotten himself a little tipsy with his colleagues, and we exchanged a few text messages. I told him that I wished I was there because I love the smell and taste of fresh alcohol on a man's breath. He told me I was sick, and that he almost loved me for it. I said that he loved me for my arse, but that I hoped he loved my sickness a bit too. And then he said,

"No, not that either. Annoyingly, it's the sweet bit I like most! Yuch [sic]!"

And I smiled and wanted to hold him and kiss him.

He phoned on his way back to his hotel, and we had a nice talk. He was making half-joking little digs at the fact that I may have more than one date this week, one of them being with Saladin. I took them as they were meant, and responded affectionately. I told him I loved him.

We spoke about what we would do on Saturday, when we are seeing each other. I said that I expected him not to want to do much, because he may not be in the best of spirits. He has, after all, some discussing to do with Claudia, regarding their row-cum-likely break-up.

And of course, I instantly knew that they would not be breaking up, and it would all die down and continue as it has been.

And of course, I was not suprised in the least when Alistair told me that she has been being extra nice to him.

This has happened in the past when she has feared that he has really had enough.

It has confirmed what I am already doing is the right thing. Keeping my eggs well and truly to myself, and checking out the baskets along my way.

So I guess it's Me,


and the other man.


  1. Incidently, Rudolph Valentino... so hot, so very very hot.

  2. The way you write makes ME want to fall in love with you.

    You are a big part of his heart, and his life. He's a lucky, lucky man.

  3. Valentino is awful! I hate his movies. You want to gey yourself a real man, a Douglas Fairbanks type.

  4. You know, the more you post, the more I realize that your blog is one that truly needs to be read from the beginning. Upon first following, I felt as though I opened a book in the middle and began reading a wonderfully twisted fairytale that I could only describe as if Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino got together with Poppy Z. Brite to rewrite the Hellraiser series.
    Oh, and this line- "what I am already doing is the right thing. Keeping my eggs well and truly to myself, and checking out the baskets along my way." -Nice!

  5. @Sally-sal: Thanks, lovely lady. You say the sweetest things. Much love.

    @mysterg: Go and sit in the corner. I shan't have that kind of speak on my blog. For shame.

    @CapedTirader: You know, that is one of the coolest, bestest things anyone has ever said about my writing. Thank you so so much. I am smiling from ear to ear.

    Have you read any of Poppy's later stuff... it's about restaurants. I haven't...

  6. Awwww crap my comment never went through :(

  7. hi, i just found your blog and i love your writing!! it really is captivating :)

    while i don't know much about your personal situation, i have to say that the picture of dorian gray is one of my favorite novels. i've never seen a film version, but it looks like that's where the middle pic is from, no?

  8. @Mr. Condescending: Any comments from you are something to be both welcomed and desired... won't you please write it again...

    @Lana: Thanks for rewriting that! Thank you for your kind words, and I am so glad you like my blog. The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my very favourites too. I am not sure where the picture is from, though. I sorta googled it. I have used it for Alistair because it is said that he keeps a painting in the attic, as he looks ridiculously young for his age... He is fourteen years older than I.

  9. Oh, darling one, the complications never end, do they? All I can say is that I completely fucking understand how madly he must love you – it just makes me sad that he isn't able to give you everything you want right now. Hopefully, in time, he will. You deserve it. He'd be mad to let you slip away from him.

  10. Hey Maisie, I'm glad that my comment brightened your day. Just telling like I see it :) No, I haven't checked out Poppy's later stuff either.

  11. @Teacup: Once again, you say the nicest things. I think he does love me... Whether madly, I cannot say! I kinda like the idea of it, though. Who knows what will happen.


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