Sunday, 30 August 2009

This can only meme one thing...

The very lovely ladytruth, mistress of the wonderful blog happily AFTER ever, (which I have fast grown to love, and urge you to go visit) has bestowed an award and meme on me.
Hey, thanks, lady, you make me blush to my bones.

And it goes something like this:
"This award requires the recipient to "list 7 personality traits exhibited by their writing."

So without further ado...

1) You want unabashed sexual deviance? Get it here:

2) Who said romance was dead? Breathe a sigh of relief, it lives here and at my mercy:

3) What I like to call "emotional splurging". Heart-wrenching romantic tragedy occurs, and I spew it out all over cyber-space. Rather like passing a car-crash, you are unable to resist...

4) Rapier wit. I'm hilarious. So hilarious that I don't even need to link to a post to prove it. So confident am I that you agree with me.

5) Sarcasm.

6) Quirkiness. Well let's face it. It just 'aint normal, is it? Blogging about some princely posh-boy that you love, despite him being hopelessly entangled with his ex, whilst you anticipate the next time he slaps you silly round the face, and dream of parties where you'll get molested and smacked with plastic lobsters.

7) Artistic temperament... And not just because I have just recently blabbed about my artistic endeavours. No, no. Just have a read.

I feel I have been a tad lazy on this one. Sorry you guys. I have stuff to paint...

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  1. Don't be sorry about a thing because after reading the part about "I'm making love to you" you may have convinced me that romance is not just something you find in Jane Austen books ;) Don't let me keep you: paint away!


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