Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Alistair's Hall of Fame

I have decided to keep an up-to-date list of the choicest Alistairisms regarding moi. New entries to be listed in bold.

1) "You're not classically beautiful, but you are pretty." - said in the early days of wooing.

2) "You look like a gnome. A goth gnome." - said to me recently when I sat on the hallway floor, waiting for a decision to be made about where we were going to that day.

3) "You have as much chance as anyone of having a child with me."

4) "You are like a great dane puppy, all limbs and no coordination." - variations said all the time.


  1. Hehehehe, how charming, that fellow!

  2. He has a way with words? Nah. Not that one. He seems to always weigh his words first before speaking? Nope. Not that one either. He has unusual but funny metaphors? That one'll do :)

  3. I retract my former "woohoo" and replace it with a big fat "boo"... though the couch-banging qualifies that as an unenthusiastic boo. Seriously, at least he's entertaining.
    (btw the captcha i just got for posting this read "nomor"... freaky)

  4. I love the great dane comparison. I feel like that myself most days.

  5. @OM: Isn't he? Actually, that's the danger. He can be oh-so-charming. Lures you in, he does. Then it all comes out.

    @ladytruth: He is amusing. I'll give him that.

    @mysterg: Indeed, and might I add that you are doing a sterling job keeping it alive?

    @Sassy: Why do you think I post all of this wreck? Why, to entertain, so that some good may come from my hollowed-out soul.

    @Tennyson: A kindred spirit. How tall are you?


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