Saturday, 8 August 2009

Come Fly With Me

So, this week has been busy, as has already been said...
Alistair took me flying. He had to renew his pilots' license, so off we went to Blah Blah Not Telling You Where Airfield. I had never flown in light aircraft before, and the inside is rather like sitting in a little car, just a lot noisier. This is why you have to wear headphones with a little microphone. And you know what the best thing is? Little planes rattle a whole lot more, and obviously feel a whole lot more flimsy. This pleases me.
When we took off I didn't make a sound, which Alistair has awarded me extra points for. But really, it was no effort, I was lost in the beauty of the world below me growing smaller and smaller. Though it was a fairly sunny day, there were rain clouds moving in from one direction, and this had bathed the land in that odd yellowish tinge that sometimes happens before a storm. It made the fields look so lush and green, and as the sun penetrated the holes in the cloud, there were isolated patches of illuminated ground.
One of the things that Alistair had to do up in the air was stall the plane. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, this must have been my favourite part. It was not so nearly dramatic as it sounds, but juddery enough to make me giggle where many would scream.
I think I would like to learn to fly.
The mere fact that someone can fly a plane automatically makes them hotter. Tell me I am wrong...


  1. its so true. Even this old German guy who flew a beaver (hehe) floatplane became hot.

  2. The pilot factor ups their hotness by at least a thousand.


  3. You are right. Flying his hot. And fascinating. And something that I want to learn at some stage of my life.

  4. @Valerie: I have never heard of a beaver before, well except the animal and the as you say "hehe".

    @Sally-Sal: Sigh and do I detect a swoon?

    @mysterg: Yes, it would be awesome to do that, but it costs a lotta moaney, sadly.

  5. I want to join the mile high club!

  6. @Mr. Condescending: Yes, I suppose I should really try to... But I am pretty darn tall, and fitting in the loo cubicle with someone else might be problematic. Although, if I fly with someone 1st class, do you think I'd get away with it on the seat? Much more room there.

  7. Or find someone rich enough to have a private jet. Particularly a sexy Dassault Falcon.

  8. My darling Maisie, pilots are an automatic win. The fact that Alistair knows his way around a cockpit must be a mighty big turn-on.

    Sounds like it was a magical day.

  9. @Teacup: It will, as soon as he has returned to his usual standard regarding the landing...


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