Friday, 4 September 2009

List of the Best

A new and regularly updated list of the words and phrases typed into search-engines that led to my blog. I suppose the content of my blog already tells you that some are... interesting. Newest entries always to be listed in bold.
1) "" double penetration fantasy.
2) "lowered myself onto his face"
3) alistair cock (do they want a specific alistair, or only the cocks of guys named alistair? Do they want the cock of my alistair? Well, lord, tell me who doesn't?)
4) crap fetish (I don't really have anything to say about this.)
5) girl cock (They have come to the right place. It's in a box beside my bed.)
6) uk porn star maisie (Now, some of you may remember my confession on the blog of a certain Teacup lady, relating to a certain episode of porn-making. Since this is not the only maisie porn search, I would like to know which of you perverts has been trying to find me? You think I went by that name? Hah. You are foiled.)
7) mistress iron my pussy to warm it up (Is my personal favourite.)
8) needle testicle domme photo
9) pegs on my labia (Yes, they were...)
See you next time.


  1. What a way to start the weekend! At least you are in 'hot' demand ;)

  2. Hahahaha...I typed all of those in at the same time to find you...hehehehe...

  3. Iron my pussy to warm it up. Why does that sound so appealing?

  4. @ladytruth: I am iron hot.

    @OM: You are such a scamp.

    @Tennyson: Because you don't actually have one...

  5. You have a fine set there, Maisie. I used to get some rather weird and amusing ones on my last blog; my favourite was probably ‘Which vegetable was used as a windscreen wiper in the early years of motoring?’, though ‘Sir Richard Burton farting’ was pretty out there.

    Though possibly more in line with the ones you got were:

    woman tied OR chained OR bound "naked muscular male"
    cane bare buttocks thrashing forum
    hot curling irons are clamped to her breasts
    she began to slowly grind her stiletto heel into his face
    bare bottom judicial canings administered by women

    …and many others. I think you get the idea though.


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