Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Just pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

And I have.
Thanks to everyone who left me such supportive messages. Don't you worry about me, I am fine. Promise.
I just let myself get a little too deep again. I am reminded that these are waters that it is wise to only dip ones toe into.
I used to be so good at the whole relationship thing. I suppose I still am, because as far as I can tell, I have been doing everything right. But you can't make someone adore you, and there 'aint no dignity in trying. You just have to accept that there are limits to where some things can go. I am pretty sure that this is one of those times.
I know that some of you are silently chanting "Ditch him! Ditch him! Ditch him!" But I don't think I am going to do that. Who among you could bring yourself to ditch reh-heeeeally good sex? Well you're stronger than I am.
No, I do believe I am going to follow the same advice given to me by several friends over the course of this whole fiasco: "Just enjoy it for what it is, coz that's all that it is."
Ok, ok, it's not just about the sex, but Alistair is not truly, madly, deeply in sweet mother-fucking love with me either.
Anyway, I am going away to Brighton on Thursday evening to visit my sister. Then, on Friday we are going camping. I am thinking that there will be not a man in sight... My sister is a turbo-lesbian, which is like a common-garden lesbian, but more potent. She tends to hang with other lesbians. The plan is to go pitch the tent (hehehe lesbians pitching the tent), and then go to this farm-like place where they make cider. We shall imbibe cider at a tasting event, and then purchase more cider, for the tent. I tend to prefer gin, or chemicals of a different kind. Still, when in Rome.
I am really looking forward to this. I hardly ever get to hang with her.


  1. I'm confused?! I thought your sister had a little boy?

  2. Sounds like fun. And I've ditched really good sex coz the bitch was fucking killing me. Didn't make it any easier though.

  3. @mysterg: Why do you think that? She does have a little girl that she adopted with her ex-wife (obviously when they were still married...)

    @Tennyson: Pressure pressure pressure ;-) . It is more than just sex. But even if it was just a sex thing, it is a kinky sex thing. It is really hard to find someone that you have good kinky play chemistry with. I think it is easier to find someone to fall in love with! If you find someone with the chemistry and the love... well tough call!

  4. You'll have a blast with the lesbians I'm sure. And cider away to your heart's delight! Who knows? Maybe you come to like it more than your usual gin ;)

  5. @ladytruth: It'll be good. And as far as cider is concerned, I will admit to liking pear cider quite a bit.

  6. lol @turbo lesbian! haha. I had a lesbian friend and I used to get a kick out of it when she said the word "scissoring."

    you gotta keep alistair around!

  7. Wow, excellent blog! I popped over here as have seen your comments on other blogs and always think you leave such good ones. So here I am, and I'm glad I did. :)

  8. @Mr. C: :-) I consider myself lucky that I got extra license to laugh at lesbians because my sister is one. I might get her to say "scissoring". Most of the camping trip was spent firing penis innuendo her way. She made the mistake of bringing a snack-bag that consisted of a packet of cheesy balls...
    As for Alistair, interesting... you may be the only voice telling me to keep him around... Explain...

    @Judearoo: Hey, thanks! That's very kind of you to say. And I'm so glad you like my space here... To be honest, I think I have been getting a bit slack on my posting quality. You have given me a new lease of life!

  9. I just ended a four year "relationship" that is kind of similar to this. I miss the sex. I miss the talks. I miss him.

    I don't miss him taking me for granted and using me as a stand by until he finds the right one or decides I'm it by default. No matter how grandiose I made it sound on my blog about having a fuck buddy and how nice it was to do what I wanted with who I wanted etc...Those are the bare bones of it.

    ...I honestly can't believe I just admitted that.


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