Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Would you be a guest at Ms. Maisie's?

"I would like to know a few very important things about you, along with some photographic evidence preferably. If you were going to allow us to spend a night at YOUR home, I would like to know the following:
What books are on your favorite shelf?
What DVD's are on your favorite shelf?
What are your TWO favorite cookbooks.
Select 1-3 recipes you will cook for your special guest.
What will we be drinking that is available?Feel free to add pictures/descriptions of anything else you want. I think we will be able to learn a lot about eachother, simply by seeing what we like to read, eat, drink, etc..." said Mr. C

Generally, unless somebody is already a pervert, or knows me well enough to realise I am adorable, any offer of a night at my place is greeted with a look of trepidation.
Still, let us press on.
I am going to assume sex is not on the cards. This is out of kindness to those of you who are nervous, and because I am fussy.

I live in London, close to the centre, in a very desirable part of town. This amuses me, since I am a poor student. As has been mentioned in previous entries, I live with three other friends, most notably, my beautiful boy (yes, it's platonic), Courtney.
We don't have a lounge in our flat, so this is really more of a tour of my room... For dinner, we would be popping over to Alistair's. His house is big, and has a dungeon.

Let's get the DVDs over with. (I like 'em, but books are better...) Actually I now realise Courtney has pinched several.

South Park is a big part of our lives. I favour Butters. LotR are my favourite movies of all time, and not just because I want to be gang-raped by elves. David Attenborough is a god, and I like to draw with him playing in the background. We have lots of horror. Favourites from my childhood (i.e. Carebares). And Twister. I have a tornado obsession.
I am drowning in books, this shelf is quite representative:

A bit of darkness, much philosophy (I love you, Wittgenstein), women's history, early modern history, feminist literature, much stuff on sex, and the Forgotten Storm, documenting the Tri-State tornado of 1925.

There's more:

Lots on vintage clothing, burlesque philosophy, childhood books (I never throw away books), knitting books (oh, yes...)

Wall of books:

Under my leopard-print bed:



I am nursing Courtney's Umbrella plant back to health. The previous inmate, I mean housemate, attempted to kill it. See how it is now sprouting anew. I am pretty much more comfortable with animals and plants, despite being so outgoing. And note the rainbows, the colour. You just can't keep a clinically depressed goth-girl down.

I suppose we ought to get onto dinner...
So we'd have to sprint across the road to Alistair's.
I would be serving:
Pan-fried scallops on a bed of leaf salad, with mild chili salsa.

Fillet steak with a wild mushroom sauce and thick duck gumbo, with rice.
Key-lime pie.
If you don't drink alcohol, I could offer you lavender tea, with lavender sugar:

I love lavender. I have my microwaveable lavender bag here. When I am stressed, depressed, and feel alone, I heat it and hug it. Kinda like Linus and his blanket.

If you do drink alcohol, as the notice-board says:

The gin would be Hendrick's, served the correct way. Marks for knowing what this is. (Note the little heart at the bottom, written by Axel ages ago, when I was really down. As has been mentioned: love of life, no longer together. I refuse to rub it off the board. Not saying no-one will ever be so important to me again, just that they are going to have to prove themselves before I let them quite that close).

After-dinner mints?

Well, you didn't think I'd be able to resist, and how right you were. We have plugs, pegs, clamps, duct-tape, vibes, strap-on harness, etc. To be honest, we would probably just go to the proper dungeon over the road...

But see how subtley all of that hides under the yellow scarf beside my bed. You'd never know, and it is easily accessible.

So here is the door. Thank you for coming...


  1. Must try harder... didn't choose 3 recipes, or state favourite cook-books.

  2. I would love to be a guest Maisie - even without the sex!


    Does that mean no bdsm play either though?


  3. I am just a girl who can't say no...

  4. Wow, it looks like Paul Stanley left his boots on your door... and his butt plug...hahaha!

  5. Yes. I keep him under my bed, actually, though he is often obscured by shoes.

  6. lavender sugar + big black dildo = tons of fun!

    who cares about recipes when you have that?

  7. Those boots gave me shivers down my spine...quite the set of tools you have there Maisie! Also kudos for being well read, but no American literature? Can't say I'm surprised!

  8. I do... it's just not in shot. Come on, goth gal like me. I love Poe. And I do have some American philosophers too.


  9. Maisie! You, my darling, are a girl I could have fun with... Is there room on your floor for a foreign interloper? Be warned: I may steal your shoes. And vibrators. Hope you don't mind sharing!

  10. There is most certainly room on the floor, but you are welcome to snuggle in the leopard-print sheets.
    As for the shoes, but of course. I am a European 39, and an English 6... Judging by your need for Harry Potter stilts, your feet may be too small.
    And I am always happy to share *all* of my paraphernalia.

  11. i will be round to steal your shoe collection..same size!

  12. Great blog! I found you over at the girl with pink teacup, and I've really enjoyed reading your stuff. Right now I'm traveling across Europe so I have flip-flops and sneakers, so I am very jealous of your shoe collection. I look forward to reading more posts!


  13. By the way, I loved The Book Thief. Good choice.

  14. @miss*H : Alrightie, trade ya?

    @Ali : Thank you so much. And Teacup is awesome, isn't she? Where are you at right now? Book Thief is superb, I thoroughly recommend to all.


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