Sunday, 12 July 2009

Interesting times... often in the Chinese sense...

Last night, was a first. For almost its entirety, the ex and Ben were very much "together", and Alistair and I were the same, (though I felt it was slightly by default).
Dinner was good, and afterwards, we made it through a quarter of the second Harry Potter movie. Lucius or Severus, Severus or Lucius... Oh lord, why must you present me with such difficult decisions. Both at the same time? When the film was switched off, we made our way to bed, she with Ben, and I with Alistair. Happy happy.
In the morning, Alistair was very snuggly with me, curling up against me, and snaking his arm over me. For once, I think he had enough sleep, because he was the first to suggest we get up. I trundled downstairs to fetch the coffee, as is my ritual. Sometimes I marvel at what a great catch I am, and the fact that Alistair never scampers around my feet in sweet adoration. I brought him breakfast in bed yesterday afternoon, because he was too tired to get up.
Anyways, I am tremendously excited by this evening. We are having a large roast, with several friends invited. Among them is one of my favourite men whom I have yet to mention here. Not only is he a fantastic dom, but he is intelligent, kind, attentive, and a hoot. And he always knows the right things to say to make me smile.

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