Saturday, 4 September 2010

Trantric Domination

This evening, I have a session with a Scandinavian couple. I will be seeing them at my dungeon from 5pm until 7pm, then they are taking me to dinner in the West End. From there, we shall go back to their hotel room until 1am. From what they have said to me, they are into tantric domination, which I have no experience of. (Not usually one for new-agey clap-trap)... It's all about the senses and the art of loving domination, apparently.

I feel compelled to give you a full report tomorrow.

And I must tell you about bandage man. Whoever thought that being gently wrapped in bandages could be so erotic?

And tonight, I am also missing the fetish club night I work. The theme is School Days. Still, I was there the last time they had a similar theme. Here is the proof:

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  1. it sounds as if you're going to be in for some good times with the scandinavian couple. Let us know what you had for dinner too.

    I love the picture too, no man can resist school girl themes.


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