Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tuesday Morning Bizarre

It's Tuesday morning, I have just gotten out of the shower and been greeted by one Mistress Max, clad in black rubber catsuit and corset. She has informed me that she has finished with one of her slaves, so if I need him to perform any household tasks, he will be awaiting my word in the kitchen.

Upon arrival in the kitchen, I have discovered a rather petite man in a red and black rubber gimp hood. The outfit is completed by the fetching apron depicting a muscled male torso, sporting Union Jack pants, that gimp-boy is wearing.

Just another Tuesday morning.


  1. wish my tuesdays were that fun...

  2. Please remember that there is always something to be said for fluffy slippers, a giant bag of salted crisps, and Star Trek on the television (STNG, DS9, STV, or Enterprise... No Kirk for moi. I have now said to much).


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