Sunday, 28 March 2010

It's a scream, baby!

My apologies, as this will be a quick check in.

Stay with me people, as I have much to say. I am now a professional submissive, and recently had my first really real, as real as it gets session. If you expect a troll, things can only get better... He was tall, handsome, educated... *sigh*. Stay with me, and as soon as I have time, I shall tell you a story.

This entry is designed to be a quick hello, and a rant. I am a creature of extremes, but sometimes I hate that my life follows suit. Alistair is either practically Prince Charming, or a total arse who completely takes advantage of me.

Oh, do stay with me. I haven't been able to retell the great betrayal... and now we have part deux.

And yet, he manages to pull it all back in there.

And yet, here we go again. He is in dire straits, running out of money, the mistress of the porn site he is co-running is insane, and has tried to quit, he has spent every penny on making this work. I agree to help him make a go of it, working for free. Yesterday, he got up really late, whilst I had been busting a gut all day. He is meant to get up today to help me (over the internet, of course), because I cannot progress without him. I get a call at 13.30. He stayed up all night partying. He is off to bed.

I am an absolute, pure, complete fool.

This has been poorly written. I am ashamed, and my usual finesse spits on me.

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  1. Well, dearest, Maisie, it's clear - you care more about him than he does. You also care more about him than he cares about you.

    And so it goes - many of us can use some part of our personality (charm, sex appeal, cunningual expertise) to entrance others. Only a few people - a very, very few - appear able to actually care.


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