Friday, 26 February 2010

Belle Epoque

I am attending this event tonight with Alistair. Apparently, upon arrival, I will be confronted with an "upmarket" kinky, burlesque-ee ball. There will be free champagne for the guest-list early on in the evening.

Alistair says the idea behind it all is to attract rich perverts, who want to socialise and play in more expensive, exclusive environments... In other words, the place is will probably be packed with beautiful arse-holes who think they are oh-so-edgy.

I wonder if I will be inspected for attractiveness on the door?
Hmmmm. I can do attractiveness, but am also quite capable of letting my makeup run in the name of having a good time.

I also have one very big, very huge, very large reservation about attending tonight (though I am still going to do so, and get just a little high,) and rather than detail my worry, let's just see if I am correct.

It will motivate me to write you.
Until tomorrow.


  1. I can only perceive your comment on my most recent post regarding pulling hair and spanking as an invitation.

    You've managed to hit my arousal button twice thus far and I don't even know who you are.

    Hope you enjoy yourself this evening. Wishing I was there


  2. It really does taste that damn good. I put my kookiness out there right away, but the pervertedness I save. Perhaps it's me you should be afraid of.

    It is a shame I won't be there this evening.

    Perhaps I'll write you a private blog post about what could have (should have) happened.


  3. If you get this before departing for the evening...leave me a few hints as to what you'd like to occur in this piece. Or should I assume no boundaries?

  4. Hello lovely Poodle — it's Honey Bee. I am so glad to have found my way back to your blog.

    Enjoy the ball, beautiful princess. Love you to bits, and can't wait to read more.


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